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Wujiang Profile

Area: 1176km2

With 1,270,000 permanent residents including 800,000 residents with household register.

one national development zone, two provincial high-and-tech areas and one tourism resort at the provincial level subject to the district.

Eight towns

Wujiang’s Honors

The City with with happiest feeling in China

Top 10 of China's one hundred top counties (cities) for successive several years

Top 1 of China’s mainland county-level cities in terms of innovative index in Forbes for successive three years

Implementation of the talent plan

 At present, the district highlights over 170,000 talents in total and has established 26 post-doctoral stations and sub-stations.



Honored Brands of Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone

It was promoted to national economic and technological development zone by the State Council on November 11, 2010.

It became the first-batch member unit of national information industrial base in 2004.

It was confirmed as the first-batch “National Displayer Industrial Park” by the National Ministry of Information Industry in 2005.

It was renowned as “China Top 10 Active Development Zone” by in January 2011.

It was appraised as “Chinese Development Zone with the Most Investment Attraction” on the 2nd China Urban Science Development Senior Forum held in July 2011.

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