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Plainvim International Co., Ltd., located at No. 1868, Guangming Road, Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone (national development zone), Suzhou City, was established in 2011 covering an area of 550mu (abut 366,000m2) as a modern industrial park integrating “professionalization, internationalization and afforestation”. In the park, it plans to construct monolayer plant, multi-storey plant, customized plant and comprehensive service building for corporation primarily with top-end manufacturing enterprises from such developed countries and regions as Europe, America and Japan, etc.. The Phase 1 project covers a total area of 133,474m2 (about 200mu) with the building area of 80,853m2. It plans to construct eight standard plants ofmonolayer steel structure, two BTS plants and one matching plant. At present, Phase 1 including eight steel plants and restaurant has been accomplished and put into operation. The building area of each plant is about 8400m2, which can be divided for lease. Investment attraction hotline: 0512—63985399.

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